Monday, April 28, 2008

The horror celler

This is how a horror-celler looks like

This is the picture of a true psycopat

This is the story of 73 year old Josef Fritzl. This story is so cruel that it must be mentioned but the details are to cruel for me to comment.

If you want more on this story, google it

May the rest of his life be a life in horror!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weird table

Is this a sexist table?

Maybe not. Is it a man or a woman? It looks like male legs but who can tell? Anyway it's a weird pice of furniture.

Welcome / Velkommen

Welcome to my blog and my look at the world and things I want to write about. I'm male and that my affect my views and writings for better and for worse :)

I will write in English and Norwegian


Velkommen til bloggen min og hvordan jeg ser på verden og ting jeg vil skrive om. Jeg er en mann og det kan påvirke mine synspunkter og poster på godt og vondt.

Jeg kommer til å skrive på engelsk og norsk